Our Company

Pixability is a video advertising technology company that helps media professionals deliver outstanding campaign performance across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

While consumers overwhelmingly turn to these walled gardens to watch video, advertisers struggle to activate the potential of video advertising on them, with disparate ad formats and metrics within each creating challenges in executing media campaigns.

Pixability brings clarity to video ad campaigns across walled gardens, empowering media agencies and brand advertisers to run effective, unified campaigns.

Our technology delivers precise, customized audience targeting, ensures viewability and brand safety, and provides clear, normalized campaign reporting across social properties to reduce complexity and identify actionable insight.

Pixability was founded with the objective of bringing simplicity to video marketing

Pixability founder and CEO Bettina Hein has always been passionate about video, and in 2008, she recognized that online video was becoming an integral component of brand marketing. However, Bettina observed many marketers challenged with delivering their video content to their target audiences, and as an experienced software entrepreneur, realized she could help solve that problem for brands and agencies. The first generation Pixability platform was developed to harness data science-driven insights for advertising campaigns, channel management, and SEO, all to improve marketing success on YouTube.

Since 2008, the company has continued to build upon its YouTube foundation, expanding both capabilities and team.

With the introduction of v4 in 2016, the Pixability platform has grown from YouTube to include media buying and campaign management across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, while the company has increased its Boston footprint and established locations in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and London.

We wrote the book(s) on video advertising.

YouTube Channels For Dummies
Want to give your YouTube channel an upper hand? Discover the secret to success on YouTube with YouTube Channels for Dummies, authored by Pixability CMO Rob Ciampa and VP of Customer Success Theresa Moore. Buy it here and start managing your channel like a professional.

Video Marketing For Dummies
Video Marketing For Dummies features indispensable strategies that every marketer should know. Written by Pixability CEO Bettina Hein and CTO Andreas Goeldi, this book details the successes and challenges for ten real-world video campaigns, from production through distribution. Find it here and kick your video marketing into high gear.