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Consumer Electronics and YouTube:
How YouTube Is Changing Consumer Behavior and How The Best Brands Adapt

Consumer electronics is a large and dynamic industry characterized by constant innovation and rapid change.

In 2014, YouTube continued to reshape the electronics marketplace as consumers shift key brand decisions away from brick-and-mortar stores and onto YouTube. YouTube has become the primary destination for audiences to research consumer electronics products, discover new devices, and watch reviews before making purchasing decisions.

YouTube’s consumer electronics vertical is huge, continues to grow rapidly, and is controlled by the industry’s top brands.

  • YouTube has 18.9 billion consumer electronics-related video views.
  • CE content on YouTube has grown from 100 million views per month in 2008 to 483 million views per month in 2013.
  • The industry’s top 25 CE brands now operate 280 YouTube channels in a total of over 48 different countries.

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The “Big 5” brands in the consumer electronics industry—Google, Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Sony—own 84% of the total 4.5 billion views on CE YouTube brand channels.


Product teaser videos outperform all other types
of CE YouTube videos

  • Product teasers are the most popular of all CE YouTube video categories and attract the highest average numbers of views and engagement.
  • Teaser videos make up only 12% of CE videos on YouTube, but lead in total engagement (21%).
  • Brand-produced videos dominate before product launches, but vlogger videos outperform all others post-release.

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Consumer electronics videos on YouTube cater almost exclusively
to males

  • 89% of CE video views come from a male audience, even though YouTube’s general audience is close to 50/50 male/female.
  • Most CE videos on YouTube feature male stars and are produced along storylines that appeals to male audiences.
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