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Beauty on YouTube 2015

Beauty as you know it is CHANGING.

Beauty on YouTube 2015 presents the latest YouTube beauty trends and findings extracted from Pixability’s YouTube software.

Pixability’s new study analyzes the YouTube practices of 215 beauty brands and 182,621 independent YouTube beauty creators who create YouTube videos focused on makeup, skincare, hair, nails, and perfume.

The diversity of YouTube’s beauty content and consumption habits continue to grow

Beauty experienced a 50% growth rate in views from January 2014 to April 2015.

YouTube’s beauty content creator A-List is changing

2015 marks the first time Michelle Phan’s 7.7 million channel subscribership has been surpassed by another creator.

Beauty brands are increasing YouTube advertising spend to catch up to creators

Views of brand-produced beauty content on YouTube grew 35% faster than views of overall beauty content on YouTube from January 2014 to April 2015.

Emerging content categories hold critical growth opportunities for beauty brands

Mature beauty solutions, men’s grooming, hair content, and cross-over beauty content may be the key to future YouTube growth for beauty brands.


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Michelle Phan’s monthly views have declined from 25.5 million views per month in 2009 to a 3-year low of 15 million views per month in 2015.


Makeup Videos Dominate

Prevalence of Available YT Beauty Videos by Topoic

“The beauty space on YouTube is massive and constantly evolving, and having a solid understanding of our audience and the influential beauty creator community is critical to our digital strategy.”

–Andrea Barton, Global Social Community Manager, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

What’s New?

  • The quantity and variety of beauty content available on YouTube.
  • The changing composition of the audience watching beauty content.
  • The amount of advertising dollars being invested in YouTube.
  • The shifting rankings of specific beauty creators according to reach and influence.

50% growth

Pixability’s ad buying and video marketing platform helps the world’s leading brands and their agencies achieve maximum impact with video.

Pixability’s software is divided into three simple sections that make it easy for beauty brands to target the right audience on YouTube, plan and execute ad campaigns, and optimize placements in real-time.

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“The videos beauty creators are posting to YouTube have become the new TV shows for young audiences, and aggregating those channels makes YouTube MCNs (multi-channel networks) the new TV networks.”


Top 25 YouTube Beauty Creators by All-Time Views

Top Beauty Content Creators

Monthly views of men’s grooming content on YouTube doubled between Nov. 2013 and May 2014.

Men's Grooming Timeline on Beauty on YouTube

Beauty Study 2015