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December 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

  • Holiday Momentum On YouTube
  • Join Us In Las Vegas For CES 2017
  • In Two Years, Instagram Doubles User Base
  • Twitter Rolls Out Native Livestreaming

November 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

  • Google and Facebook are Booming
  • Video Interview: Pixability CEO Talks YouTube and Facebook
  • Twitter’s Future is in Video
  • 3 Tips to Get the Best Beauty Campaign Performance

October 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

  • Get Better Performance from Your Social Video Ad Campaigns
  • What Google’s FameBit Acquisition Means for YouTube
  • Balancing Act: Ad Load on Social Video Platforms
  • Twitter Inks First Upfront Deal

September 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

  • The Social Video Beauty Ecosystem: Get Your Hands on Pixability’s 2016 Beauty Study
  • More Viewers are Using Connected TVs to Watch Social Video
  • Twitter Rolls Out Revenue Sharing to Influencers
  • Your Complete Guide to Social Video Ad Formats

August 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

  • Pixability Makes the Inc. 500!
  • Why Higher Ed Advertisers Need Social Video
  • Instagram Stories Take Off
  • Livestreaming Goes Mainstream at the Olympics

July 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

  • Get Behind the Wheel: Pixability’s Auto Study Is Now Available
  • Biggest Advertisers Abandon Traditional Media
  • YouTube Launches New Tools for Agencies & Highlights New Pixability Data
  • Twitter Livestreaming Unveiled

June 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

  • Audience Targeting Unleashed
  • Snapchat Scales Ad Platform
  • Facebook Ad Tech Changes: Good News for Advertisers and Users Alike
  • Buckle up: Automotive on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

May 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

  • Pixability Named Fastest-Growing Private Company in Massachusetts
  • New YouTube Ad Unit: Bumper Ads
  • 360-Degree Virtual Reality: No Longer Science Fiction
  • At NewFronts, YouTube Touts Its Reach

April 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

  • Better Video Ad Campaigns: Walled Garden Strategy Guide
  • On Instagram, Engagement is Higher for Video
  • Next Year, Digital Ad Spend Will Surpass TV
  • How Social Media is Changing Beauty
  • Gartner Names Pixability a Cool Vendor in Social Marketing

March 2016 -

Just the Good Stuff

Did you catch our latest major product announcement? Pixability officially launched Pixability v4, an advanced solution for video advertising on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s revolutionizing the way advertisers manage and measure video ad campaigns across walled gardens. We also partnered with YouTube to analyze video performance of Oscar nominees on YouTube, and tapped our software to measure how brands are embracing video on Instagram. Elsewhere in the video advertising industry, Nielsen will now measure the effectiveness of the Snapchat’s nascent advertising platform, and our CMO examined the future of the automotive industry in his panel at South by Southwest.

  • Pixability v4 Bridges Walled Gardens
  • Instagram Video Gains Traction Among Brands
  • YouTube and Pixability reveal fan favorites for Oscar Best Picture
  • Snapchat Partners with Nielsen
  • Chevies and Teslas and Zipcars. Oh My!

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