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PUMA's Arsenal Campaign Launch - Pixability Case Study

Watch this short video highlighting PUMA's Arsenal campaign success and see how Pixability played a key role in the launch campaign.

YouTube Channel for Dummies Book - Now Available

Pixability's CMO Rob Ciampa and VP of Professional Services Theresa Moore talk about their new book, "YouTube Channels for Dummies."

Beauty on YouTube Industry Study 2015

“Beauty on YouTube 2015” is an update to our landmark study of the beauty ecosystem on YouTube. Watch our latest video to see what has changed since 2014.

Reel Video Summit 2014 Presentations | Highlights | What Do Monopoly and YouTube Have in Common?

Catch the highlights of how to engineer high-performing YouTube campaigns by applying lessons from Monopoly.

Reel Video Summit 2014 Presentations | What Do Monopoly and YouTube Have in Common?

Learn how to engineer high-performing YouTube campaigns by applying a few lessons from Monopoly.

Reel Video Summit 2014 Highlights

Catch up on the highlights of the 2014 Reel Video Summit, held in San Francisco at the Hotel Nikko.

Reel Video Summit 2014 Presentations | Rob Ciampa | Forget Viral, Go Vertical

Rob Ciampa presents on the evolution of YouTube at the 2014 Reel Video Summit in San Francisco.

Publishing Regularly on YouTube Is Key | CE Study Video #3

Learn how certain consumer electronics brands are succeeding on YouTube with regular publishing schedules.

YouTube Is The Leading Edge For Innovative New Consumer Electronics | CE Study Video #2

Learn how YouTube represents the leading edge of CE technology.

What are consumer electronics audiences watching on YouTube?

What are viewers really watching when it comes to consumer electronics videos on YouTube? Find out here.

CE Vloggers Reach A Large Audience With Content Brands Don't Produce | CE Study Video #1

Learn what types of videos consumer electronics vloggers are producing on YouTube.

YouTube Fuels Consumer Electronics Purchasing Decisions: New Industry Study

Learn what consumer electronics brand on YouTube are doing well, and which brands are dominating the rest.

ÜberTube 2014 Presentations | Lucas Watson | YouTube Is Critical For Brand Success

Google's VP Lucas Watson discusses how YouTube effectively moves brand audiences.

ÜberTube 2014 Brand Summit Highlights Reel

Pixabiity and co-sponsor YouTube executed a YouTube thought leadership conference in NYC on April 29, 2014. View the highlights here.

ÜberTube 2014 Presentations | Bob Garfield | Down the YouTube

NPR's famous (and opinionated) Bob Garfield discusses YouTube's potential... and common errors.

YouTube & Your Audience

For the ÜberTube 2014 Brand Summit in NYC, Pixability hit the streets to find out what viewers really think of YouTube. Learn how your audience is making key brand decisions online.

ÜberTube 2014 Presentations | Bettina Hein | Why YouTube Is A Different Beast

Pixability's Founder and CEO Bettina Hein discusses how YouTube is a different beast--and a useful one--for brand marketers.

ÜberTube 2014 Presentations | Andreas Goeldi | YouTube Science and Measurement

Andreas Goeldi, CTO of Pixability, discusses YouTube science and measurement at ÜberTube 2014 Brand Summit.

ÜberTube 2014 Presentations | Marisa Thalberg, Ryan Bonifacino, and Jonathan Sackett | YouTube Strategy

Hear brand experts discuss YouTube strategy and the need for big data in a fascinating panel.

ÜberTube 2014 Presentations | Michelle Castillo, Jason Krebs, and Alison Kennedy | YouTube Content Panel

Listen as three YouTube content creation experts discuss the strengths of the platform.

ÜberTube 2014 Presentations | Greg Jarboe | Digital Tranformation

Greg Jarboe, renowned YouTube author and Founder of SEO-PR, discusses how YouTube has changed our communications model.

ÜberTube 2014 Brand Summit Promo Video

The first YouTube conference in the world is coming to NYC on April 29th, 2014, co-sponsored by Pixability and YouTube.

Underutilized Opportunities Exist for Beauty Brands in YouTube Seasonal Content

Only 6% of beauty brands have produced YouTube Halloween content to date. Learn why this matters here.

Beauty Vloggers Have More YouTube Subscribers Than Brands

Learn why YouTube subscribers matter, and why major brands are failing to attract large numbers of them.

Major Beauty Brands Own a Surprisingly Small Share of Voice on YouTube

Did you know beauty brands control only 3% of YouTube's 14.9 billion beauty views? Learn more by watching this video.

Female Demographics Consume Large Amounts of Beauty Content on YouTube

Alicia Cadigan discusses exactly how much YouTube beauty content females are consuming.

Beauty Brands Are Investing In The Wrong YouTube Content

Learn why beauty brands are investing in the wrong video content for their YouTube audience needs.

YouTube Beauty Content Provides Real Time Benefits

Merrily McGugan discusses findings from Pixability's latest study and how beauty content online provides "on-demand" benefits.

Beauty's Popularity on YouTube is Accelerating Rapidly

Alicia Cadigan discusses findings from Pixability's latest study, "Beauty on YouTube," and how beauty's popularity on YouTube is rising.

Help Video SEO With Annotations

Video SEO is important for video marketers wanting to achieve audience growth.

Mobile Video Marketing Using AdWords

Thanks to smart phones, video marketing is now mobile.

Mythbusting the Viral Video at SXSW

Counting on a viral video is not a good content strategy.

YouTube Marketing or Special Effects

Many marketers aren't seeing the return on investment for expensive, high production value videos.

Short Links For YouTube Advertising

Short links provide an efficient way to test YouTube promotion strategies.

YouTube's New InVideo Branding Feature

YouTube marketing just got better with In Video, a new branding feature on YouTube.

YouTube Builds Engaged Audiences

With the right targeting techniques, video content strategy, and SEO efforts, any brand can build an engaged audience on YouTube.

Engage Your YouTube Community in 7 Steps

Hyper-target your audience and use AdWords campaigns to ensure engagement.

Copyright Protection For YouTube Content

YouTube content creators must follow strict rules when adding music to their videos.

Effective Video Marketing in 5 Steps

The online video platform is one of the cornerstones to digital success to date.

YouTube Video Tags Go Private

Recently, YouTube hid tags, making them private to the individual user who originally uploaded them.

Video Production Hardware Comparisons

Learn about what film gear most businesses use to shoot customer testimonials for their YouTube channels.

YouTube Partners and Brand Channels

Users who qualify for YouTube's partner program will receive channel upgrades from YouTube.

Marketing Baby Monologues: Social Media Woes

Don't take the "post and wait" approach as a marketer; it doesn't lead to results.

Learn to Use AdWords on a Budget

Learn about key factors that help businesses determine AdWords spend for YouTube ad campaigns.

AdWords For Video to Target Audiences

Drive organic traffic with Google AdWords, using video targeting strategies and the keyword tool.

Custom Video Embeds, How To

Learning to add customized YouTube embeds to your website is a tricky process but has major payoffs.

YouTube Deletes Inactive Channels

YouTube has begun deleting inactive channels and corresponding subscriptions, upsetting some content creators.

Cameras For Video Production

Video content starts with the right video production equipment--and depending on your need, what's right varies.

Getting Started With Video

YouTube is the easiest way to get started with web video.

Scoring Your Online Video Presence

It can be difficult to track your online video presence and ad campaigns--but there are tools that can help.

Customize YouTube Embeds

Embedding YouTube content onto your business website helps spread brand awareness and improve SEO.

YouTube Changes Related Videos

Related videos that appear alongside YouTube content drive 25% of all YouTube video traffic.

YouTube Partner Program Open to Public

Now, any YouTube user who wants to monetize their videos can benefit from channel banners and other special features.

Video Embeds Improve SEO on Google

Video embeds now rank higher on Google search results.

Engagement Tips With Nick Barber

Engaging your audience is the first step for digital marketers who want to leverage YouTube.