In 2016, we released our inaugural report on walled garden video advertising to help advertisers understand how to navigate the complexities of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. One year later, the ecosystem has evolved dramatically, thanks to an aggressive focus on video from each walled garden. The pace of change is dizzying, but our second annual study breaks it down for you, so you can understand how to best invest your media dollars across platforms.

The platforms’ video-specific features and functionality have steadily become more similar, but our analysis shows that each platform offers unique advantages, that can — and should — be harnessed collectively to deliver the best outcomes across any combination of audiences and performance goals. For example, YouTube dominates in view-to-completion rate (6X higher than closest competitor Facebook), and Facebook’s improved algorithms boosted click-through-rate by 520% throughout 2016.

We also took a deep dive into video viewability — a topic that’s top of mind for advertisers today — and analyzed how the platforms stack up through our new partnership with Moat. Armed with these data-driven insights, advertisers will be able to understand how to best allocate their media dollars to maximize campaign performance across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Download the highlight study now. To get your hands on the full study, and hear our predictions on which video advertising topics you’ll need to be thinking about next, contact us to set up a meeting.