More and more, beauty and personal care consumers are turning to social video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat to understand which products and brands are right for them. But the beauty and personal care space is a massive category across social video platforms — clocking in at 222B views on YouTube alone — which makes it tricky for even the smartest marketer to find the right audience for their advertising.

The mall is no longer where consumers discover beauty and personal care products — instead, consumers are turning to social video platforms to find and compare products, understand new styles, and ultimately make purchase decisions.

But brand marketers should take heart — Pixability’s latest industry study is here to help make sense of the beauty and personal care space across social video platforms.
In this report, Pixability breaks down the beauty and personal care audience, uncovers the content types that consumers are looking for, and analyzes the best-performing brands and influencers across the space. We also forecast what’s next in beauty and personal care, isolating emerging trends to include in your 2018 video strategy.
Download the highlights of Pixability’s beauty and personal care study now. But that’s just the beginning — get in touch with us today to set up a meeting and get your hands on the complete report.