Beauty and personal care consumers are increasingly looking to social video platforms to understand products and brands. These consumers have built rich, engaged communities across the leading video platforms in particular — but marketers must understand the viewing preferences of these consumers to make the most of their media investment.
In Pixability’s beauty and personal care study, we break down the best-performing video strategies, highlight the top influencers and brands, and shed light on the emerging trends in the beauty and personal care space. Here’s a taste of our latest insights:
On Facebook, the beauty audience skews young and female: over 60% of all people interested in these brands are millennials ages 18-34, and 84% of this audience is female.

On YouTube, viewers are looking for long-form, made-for-digital content — 46% of top beauty videos on the platform are between 5-10 minutes long, in stark contrast with the 15-second or 30-second campaign films that brands are sharing. Across top beauty videos, tutorial content draws the largest audience on YouTube, but audience preferences seem to be shifting. In 2016, tutorial content accounted for 69% of views across the top 200 beauty videos on YouTube — but this year, tutorials account for 34% of views — a dramatic drop, indicating that viewers are increasingly diversifying their video consumption habits. Brands would be wise to take a page from creators’ playbooks, and produce long-form content across a wide variety of content types proven to engage consumers.

Viewer preferences continue to evolve, making audience insights essential for marketers to develop content and video strategies that resonate with the consumers that matter most to them. Otherwise, marketers risk losing visibility to emerging trends, influencers, and content types — or competitors with a better understanding of their audience’s preferences. Today, beauty and personal care viewers are diversifying their content consumption beyond tutorial videos — and marketers need to follow suit, creating a variety of content to meet this audience need.
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