Consumers are increasingly seeking out automotive video content on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram as the explosion of mobile usage places video within reach at all times.
Today’s average path to purchase for an auto buyer can have up to 900 digital touchpoints1, largely due to the increasing sophistication of online research materials, and the average number of dealerships visited before purchase has dropped to 1.62 (compared to 5 visits in 2002). As online video attracts more viewer attention, the automotive industry is waking up to the fact that walled garden video offers an impactful — and measurable — way to connect with consumers.
Pixability’s data scientists analyzed the automotive space across walled gardens to uncover brand, audience and content trends that marketers can use to engage auto consumers throughout the new buyer’s journey. Key insights include:

  • On YouTube, Drifting and Reaction videos garner the most views, but Drifting videos receive more than double the engagements of the next most engaging category, Film

  • The top 10 fastest growing creator and publisher channels (those with 10K+ subscribers) have seen 409% annual growth in subscribers — while the fastest growing brand channels hover at 65%

  • On Facebook and Instagram, luxury brands dominate in total likes, and the most engagements go to brands who stick to a rigorous publishing schedule

  • In the past five years, YouTube ‘car review’ searches have outpaced searches. This means today’s consumers are turning to online video to shape their brand preferences, and ultimately making brand decisions on YouTube

  • More change is coming: advances in technology like 360-degree virtual reality video will further disrupt the auto buyer’s journey, allowing consumers to experience a ride in their dream car without leaving their home

It’s time for you to get your hands on the roadmap to the new auto buyer’s journey. Download Pixability’s full report on Auto in the Premium Video Ecosystem now.

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