Food and beverage content appeals to a wide audience — after all, everybody eats and drinks. But which content types does this audience crave more than any other?
On YouTube — the video platform with the longest tenure — audiences have quite the sweet tooth. The top-performing food and beverage videos (when measured by total views) are primarily candy and dessert videos — clocking in at 35M and 33M average views, respectively. Desserts attracted 20% of views across top food and beverage content, and candy garnered 19% of views. But when it comes to most average engagements, meal prep videos — which include most recipes and tutorials, and showcase how to combine ingredients to create a complete meal — and non-alcoholic beverage videos win at 164K and 156K, respectively.
Food & beverages genre performance
We compared the share of published videos to the share of viewership for candy and dessert vides, and found that viewership outpaces video publication by 4% and 3%, respectively.

While recipes and tutorials videos are published more than any other content type on YouTube, viewership still outstrips demand by 3%.

What can brand marketers do with this information? Create more candy and dessert videos, particularly recipes and tutorials, where applicable. By incorporating insights about top-performing content types into your organic and paid video strategy, you can set yourself up for success across social video platforms.
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