Fashion-related content on YouTube has accumulated a total of more than 15 billion views. Though we’ve seen fashion brands make strides on YouTube this year, generating a 200 percent increase in video views since 2013, most fashion brands have failed to fully optimize their YouTube presence.
Pixability analyzed the YouTube competency of the top luxury fashion brands in partnership with digital business intelligence firm L2, and released our findings this week in a joint study, “Insight Report: Fashion and YouTube.”
In the report we present an analysis of the entire fashion ecosystem on YouTube, revealing: the top fashion brand performers and best performing videos; an overview of missed opportunities in discoverability, search, subscribership, and path to purchase; and a comparison of the fashion and beauty industries on YouTube.
Key findings include:

  • On average, fashion brands underperform benchmarks set by leading fashion outlets, like FashionTV and StyleHaul, which attract almost 500,000 subscribers each.
  • While 95 percent of fashion brands have an official presence on YouTube, only three brands can claim more than 100,000 channel subscribers.
  • Only 25 percent of fashion brands have produced a piece of live content that has generated more than 1 million views; Chanel recently became the first fashion brand to surpass 100 million views in July 2014.

To take a deeper dive into the luxury fashion ecosystem on YouTube, download the full report here.

L2 and Pixability Insights Fashion Report