Not everyone who watches the big game on Super Bowl Sunday does so for the football.
This year, Super Bowl ads published on YouTube accumulated a total of 133 million views. Ad teasers published by brands in the lead up to the game totaled another 51 million views on YouTube.
With dozens of brands competing for audience attention in between live Seahawks-Patriots fist fights and the ubiquitous distraction of beer and nachos, it’s no wonder that so many brands chose to upload their Super Bowl ads to YouTube in advance of the game.
(By the way, for those Pats fans who missed the Patriots’ Victory Parade in Boston, you can watch all the highlights below.)

So, which Super Bowl ad performed best this year?
Super Bowl ad performance Pixability 2015
The most popular Super Bowl 2015 ad on YouTube was Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” ad with over 21 million views. The commercial was published 5 days prior to the 2015 Super Bowl.

AB Inbev (maker of Budweiser and Bud Lite) was this year’s exclusive beer advertiser, racked up multiple wins with its commercials. The company averaged 12 million views across their multiple spots such as Bud Light’s #UpForWhatever Real Life PacMan ad, in addition to holding the number one spot with “Lost Dog.”

Perhaps the biggest surprise ad hit this year was video game Clash of Clan’s “Revenge” ad featuring Liam Neeson, which gained more than 8.2 million views overnight and had the highest number of Likes and comments on YouTube out of any 2015 Super Bowl ad.

T-Mobile’s Kim Kardashian ad received the third-highest total number of views, but also came in first for the most “Dislikes” for any 2015 Super Bowl commercial. Better luck next year, Kim.

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