Audiences are turning to walled gardens more than ever, but advertising on these platforms can be more complex than the open web. Across walled gardens like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, both audience demographics and ad offerings can vary. Each platform’s specific requirements can make cross-platform campaign planning and analysis difficult, a challenge we sought to address with our recent v4 launch.
However: the grass really is greener in walled gardens. Additional features  — which aren’t shared by open web video inventory — support advertisers in their quest to run the most effective and efficient campaigns.
Offerings of Walled Gardens: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

  1. Targeting Precision. Walled gardens offer the ability to target with extreme granularity, based on a wealth of first-party data unavailable elsewhere, and offer unprecedented, near-perfect cross-device user data. While the platforms share a common set of rich targeting parameters, each has unique targeting capabilities as well. Leveraging a platform like Pixability can also help you to further drive superior targeting and optimization in order to improve campaign performance by up to 93%.
  2. Mobile Experience. As video viewing overwhelmingly shifts to in-app experiences, walled gardens offer an optimized mobile user experience and purpose-driven mobile ad formats, neither of which are guaranteed from open web publishers.
  3. Viewability Standards. Each premium platform has well-defined viewability standards and transparent reporting; additionally, ad formats are designed to maximize audience attention and interaction, such as TrueView InStream and Facebook Canvas mobile ads. Walled gardens are also increasingly opening themselves up to third-party verification platforms to enhance viewability measurement.
  4. Brand Safety. Walled gardens significantly ease concerns around brand safety, with high degrees of customization and curation in placements, preventing brand advertising from being juxtaposed with off-message or compromising content.

For more on media buying considerations across platforms, lowering the walls between walled gardens, and audience behavior and campaign strategy insights, download the full “Video Advertising on Walled Gardens: Strategy Guide”.
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