There are a million different ways for a brand to tell their story. This week Kate Upton slays dragons, Wil Wheaton and Newcastle firmly embrace YouTube, and a few other brands get in the holiday spirit. There’s something for everyone in our latest YouTube Brand Videos of the Week.
1. Security – TV Commercial | Dollar Shave Club

Why it works: Simple, funny, 30-second ad that points out the frustration of buying razors in-store. Each video features an end-card with links to the other campaign videos and a solid call-to-action.
Areas for improvement: Brands are better off creating videos specifically for YouTube audiences for the best engagement and overall performance. Dollar Shave Club set the bar high with their first video and the brand should know this already. SEO was not considered for better organic discovery, with only the video tag “Dollar Shave Club” ranking in the top 100 search results in Pixability’s Search Ranking Finder.
Key Takeaways: Skip the TV commercials and create content specifically for YouTube audiences. Provide videos that will either educate or entertain your target audience in a long-term strategy. Always consider SEO before publishing videos to get the most organic traffic.
2. Mulberry #WinChristmas

Why it works: This comedic take on Christmas gifting from Mulberry tells a story of Christmas morning with a surprise ending. The end card drives viewers to shop Mulberry, though it could have been longer to give viewers more time to to decide to click through.
Areas for improvement: Hashtags are not beneficial for SEO and aren’t used often on YouTube, especially when viewers are searching. This video does not rank highly for any other search terms besides “Mulberry.”
Key Takeaways: Make sure your videos show up for popular search terms by following SEO best practices. Also make sure end cards are long enough for viewers to digest the information and decide if they are interested enough to click.
3. Game of War: Live Action Trailer Commercial ft. Kate Upton

Why it works: This video appeals to the male target audience by using model Kate Upton alongside scenes of medieval violence and action. The video has great calls-to-action, and an interesting tactic of asking viewers to search for the game.
Areas for improvement: This video felt like a TV commercial and isn’t quite representative of the game itself. An end card that allows viewers to watch videos with real gameplay footage would have helped.
Key takeaways: End cards with more videos are a must on YouTube for brands who want more views, more engagement, and more subscribers.
4. Newcastle- Wil Wheaton “Unbeknownst”

Why it works: This video was clearly made for YouTube and uses the format well. Newcastle even imparted their views on network TV, showing their commitment to YouTube and online video.
Areas for improvement: This video is unlisted, which will limit the amount of organic views it can get. Pixability would also recommend a longer description and tags, and a title that’s better suited for YouTube SEO.
Key takeaways: Brands like Newcastle who truly embrace YouTube as a unique platform succeed much better than those who publish only TV commercials.
5. Sainsbury’s OFFICIAL Christmas 2014 Ad

Why it works: This video from Sainsbury’s (a UK supermarket) shows a remarkable story of the real events that took place on Christmas Day in 1914 during World War I. Beautiful cinematography, simple storyline, and emotional depth work well in this three-minute “ad” that was seemingly created for YouTube. The brand also offers additional videos that go behind the scenes of the shoot and the story.
Areas for improvement: The video scores second in search for “Christmas ad,” and first for branded keywords, but SEO and engagement could be improved by using more keywords that users would be searching for on YouTube, including topics around Christmas shopping.
Key takeaways: Great storytelling will always be the key to success on any video platform, but brands should always make sure their videos are discoverable in search.