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Break Down the Response to the YouTube Brand Safety Stir with Pixability’s White Paper

by Bettina Hein | Founder & CEO

Read Time: 4 mins

In our annual analysis of how the top 100 global brands (per Interbrand’s report) performed on YouTube, we took a hard look at how this year’s brand safety issue played out on the platform. These top brands published a total of 3% fewer videos in 2017 than last year, but that didn’t slow audience engagement of brand-owned videos.

And according to our analysis, major advertisers are returning: 50% of brands that saw a decline in viewership on YouTube (largely attributed to paid spend) in Q2/early Q3 had resumed their activity on YouTube by September.

Why are brands back on YouTube? How did individual brand behavior differ in response to brand safety? What is a smart approach to brand safety in 2018?

Download our white paper to access our data-backed findings, and understand why now is not the time for brands to retreat.

Bettina Hein is Pixability's Founder & CEO. Serial technology entrepreneur. Mom. Militant Grammarian.