Case Studies

Take a look at how we've helped global brand and agency customers maximize their video advertising success.

Advertising in the Fast Lane: Pixability and Zipcar

When ride-sharing service Zipcar wanted to increase its millennial customer base, it knew that a cross-platform social video ad campaign was key. But managing simultaneous campaigns across social platforms can be complicated, with disparate ad formats, targeting options, and reporting metrics.

Zipcar needed a technology partner that could navigate the complexities of advertising on social video platforms, and lend expertise on disparate targeting options, ad formats, and metrics to run a unified campaign.

A Perfect Fit: Pixability Delivers Conversions for Leading Footwear Brand on Facebook and Instagram

Step aside, window shopping. For the modern, always-connected consumer, screen shopping is the new normal. More and more, consumers are using social video platforms like Facebook and Instagram to discover new products and brands, and to ultimately make purchase decisions.

So, when a leading footwear brand wanted to get more out of its video ad spend and drive conversions, its integrated marketing agency knew that a targeted campaign on Facebook and Instagram was key to generate engagement among the brand’s target demographic of males 34-54.

Unboxing Retail Video Advertising: Pixability Helps Retailers Engage Consumers Across the Platforms They Trust
A Perfect Pair: Raising Fall/Winter Collection Awareness for a Global Shoe Brand on YouTube

A global shoe brand needed to raise awareness of its new fall/winter collection among its target demographic of female consumers, aged 18-54. Consumers of all ages turn to YouTube for fashion inspiration, from product reviews to their favorite influencer’s take on new styles. Footwear alone has amassed more than 80B total views on YouTube, with 69% year over year growth. So, the shoe brand knew that a targeted YouTube campaign would help generate awareness of its new line. But to deliver high performing campaigns on YouTube, advertisers need vertical-specific insights and powerful targeting technology to maximize results.

Bespoke Targeting: Reaching Fashion-Forward Males for a Footwear Retailer on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

Consumers are increasingly turning to social video to discover new products and shape their brand decisions. By leveraging the power of video advertising on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, retail brands can engage their target customers with ads that make a measurable impact.

So when a footwear retailer wanted to raise awareness of its signature line of boots among fashion-conscious males aged 18-49, it asked its media agency to put its best foot forward with a targeted social video ad campaign.

But building a comprehensive targeting plan and managing budgets across video platforms can trip up even the savviest account managers. Between disparate view definitions, targeting capabilities, and metrics, executing high-performing cross-platform campaigns, and measuring them in a unified way, requires specialized technology.


Recipe for Success: Reaching Fast Food Fanatics for a Burger Brand

A national burger brand was gearing up to launch a new line of cheeseburgers, and tasked its media agency with getting the word out to fast food fans near its many restaurants in the New York metropolitan area.

YouTube is the video platform consumers turn to for new recipe ideas, kitchen hacks, and food tips — and consequently, views of food content on YouTube have increased 53% year-over-year. Armed with the insight that YouTube viewers are hungry for more food videos, the brand’s media agency decided a targeted TrueView ad campaign would be the best way to engage the burger brand’s customers.

Runway Ready: YouTube Advertising Drives New Beauty Product Launches
Tune In: Maximizing Awareness for a Cable TV Awards Show with YouTube

A children’s cable network needed to raise awareness of its annual awards show among its target audience of kids nationwide. Supplementing TV campaigns with YouTube ads can result in relative lifts in ad recall, brand awareness, and consideration, so the network set out to boost the effectiveness of its media spend by extending its TV campaign online.

Next Level: Boosting a National Video Game Launch on YouTube

A major gaming brand was gearing up to launch a new video game in the U.S. and needed to raise awareness for the release among young gamers. YouTube is one of the top destinations for gaming news and gameplay entertainment, with 12.1M videos amassing 728B video views and counting.

But for this brand to find its target gamers — 13-24 year olds who had shown interest in the brand’s other game releases — within that massive video space, it knew it needed the help of sophisticated technology.

New Demographic, No Problem: Pixability Drives Awareness Among Ice Cream Brand’s Young Audience

Independent integrated agency Blue Chip Marketing was tasked with helping a national ice cream brand pivot, marketing to young consumers instead of marketing to moms. The ice cream brand had fun creative and an interactive website, but Blue Chip Marketing knew it needed a technology partner to target the right audience and manage the complex optimizations of a well executed ad campaign. So, Blue Chip Marketing teamed up with Pixability to spearhead this pivot with a hyper-targeted video ad campaign on the platform that kids love: YouTube.

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