Case Studies

Take a look at how we've helped global brand and agency customers maximize their video advertising success.

In-Flight Viewing: Boosting Brand Awareness Among The Right Travelers Through Social Video

Five travel brands faced a significant challenge in isolating and engaging the exact travelers most relevant to their brand across social video platforms.

Driving Cross-Platform Engagement for New Arthritis Drug

A global media agency sought to generate awareness of a pharmaceutical client’s new drug among a specific audience:
consumers with arthritis, or who were connected to an arthritis patient.

Advertising in the Fast Lane: Pixability and Zipcar

Zipcar needed a technology partner that could navigate the complexities of advertising across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and run a unified campaign with an ultimate goal of driving new customer acquisitions.

Driving In-Store Sales with Social Video Advertising

A sunscreen brand client needed to raise product awareness among a specific audience — male outdoors enthusiasts — with a goal of driving in-store sales at the many pharmacies and grocery stores where the sunscreen is sold.

Blue Chip Marketing & Pixability: Teaming Up to Drive Media Performance and Agency Account Growth

Integrated agency Blue Chip Marketing knew that walled garden video needed to be a critical part of its clients’ advertising strategies, but finding success on walled gardens requires specialized technology and expertise.

Runway Ready: YouTube Advertising Drives New Beauty Product Launches

A leading cosmetics brand wanted to promote two new makeup products among its target audience of women 18-34 through targeted YouTube TrueView advertising.

Reaching Fast Food Fanatics for a Burger Brand

A burger brand was gearing up to launch a new line of cheeseburgers, but it needed to raise new product awareness among fast food fans near its many restaurants in the New York metropolitan area.

A Perfect Fit: Pixability Delivers Conversions for Leading Footwear Brand on Facebook and Instagram

A leading footwear brand wanted to get more out of its video ad spend and drive conversions among its target demographic of males 34-54.

Driving Cross-Platform Engagement for New Arthritis Drug

A pharmaceutical brand needed to raise awareness of a new drug among specific audiences — consumers with arthritis, or who were connected to an arthritis patient — across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Unboxing Retail Video Advertising: Pixability Helps Retailers Engage Consumers Across the Platforms They Trust

Five retail advertisers needed to reach and engage their target audiences on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — but managing campaigns on and across social video platforms is complicated, with distinct ad formats, targeting options, and metrics on each.

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