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Global brands rely on Pixability’s insights, technology, and video expertise to drive the most successful video advertising programs.

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Optimize your video investments across platforms

Pixability finds your best audiences, and makes it easy to reach them

  • Advanced targeting technology for each video platform, to reach specific audience segments with precision

  • Customizable dashboard with clear campaign results across video platforms, to uncover performance insights that guide video strategy

  • Platform-agnostic approach with guaranteed brand safety and viewability, to drive smart budget allocation

Pixability is your video partner

  • Understand audience behavior and trends in your market, including influencers and competitor performance, to inform strategy

  • Identify the optimal video platform mix to achieve the highest campaign performance against your unique business goals

  • Develop a data-driven approach to maximize your owned, earned, and paid video performance

“Executing – and ultimately optimizing – our cross platform video ad campaigns with Pixability enables us to connect with consumers at every stage in their journey with PUMA, and ultimately achieve the greatest impact.”

Hermann Hassenstein
Global Head of Communications Planning


How we work together

Insights & Thought Leadership
Understand audience behavior and industry trends

Managed Services
Global customer success team for strategy and support

Holistic Campaign Execution
Compare KPIs and prove ROI


Holistic Campaign Analytics
Cross-platform dashboard with normalized metrics

Pixability understands video audiences

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Cross Platform Video

Pixability understands social video audiences

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Cross Platform Video

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