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The Top 100 Global Brands
on YouTube 2015

Video Player Graphic


of YouTube videos created by the
Top 100 Brands are 10+ minutes in length


year-over-year increase in the number of
advertisers running video ads on YouTube


total number of views belonging
to the Top 100 brands

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In Pixability’s latest analysis of the YouTube behavior of the Top 100 Brands (as defined by Interbrand), we found that viewership is growing and engagement is up.

It’s a sign that brands’ YouTube strategies have matured. YouTube deepens a customer’s knowledge of a brand and strengthens the brand relationship in a way that’s just not possible on other platforms like TV. Pixability’s latest infographic reveals key 2015 trends.

A mix of three elements — paid advertising, an active brand channel with a strong content strategy, and creator partnerships — is needed for YouTube success.

Pixability's 2015 Top 100 Brands infographic will empower marketers to:

Get insight

on top brands' increasingly
sophisticated YouTube strategy


the publishing strategy that successful brands have adopted to boost their video performance


year-over-year channel performance between the top 100 global brands on YouTube

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