Supercharge your video advertising

Pixability's cross-platform insights, powerful technology, and video expertise will help you drive the most successful video ad campaigns.

A platform-agnostic approach to help you maximize your video investment

Pixability’s deep audience and performance data and insights to better inform your video strategy

brand-safe placements and premium audiences across video platforms at scale

Pixability’s technology for complex campaign setups, and automatic pacing and optimization

all of your video reporting into a single dashboard, with normalized cross-platform metrics

on Pixability’s team of video experts for support throughout your entire campaign

Pixability’s holistic solution covers all of your video advertising needs.


Identifies the best-performing and most brand-safe placements from 7.8M+ YouTube channels and hundreds of millions of videos across platforms. Scorecards rank the top-performing influencers across platforms to guide strategy.

Isolates similar, highly-relevant audience segments across video platforms at scale, with customizable premium audience bundles across 20+ verticals. Pixability’s technology is proven to generate 90% better performance than standard targeting.


Aggressive multivariate testing — of 500+ campaign variations tested simultaneously — guarantees maximum performance across video platforms, for even the most sophisticated media plans.

Pixability’s automated bid and budget optimization engine manages campaigns with 100% accuracy in real-time, and improves performance by 30%+ for any mix of KPIs.

Guarantees brand safety and 100% viewability across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Independently verified by MOAT, IAS, and Nielsen.


A single interface makes cross-platform campaign reporting simple, with normalized performance and cost metrics.

Access in-depth analytics across any dimension that matters to you, including brand lift, creative asset performance, and competitive benchmarking, for a complete view of your campaign’s performance. Pixability’s certified team will help you use this robust analysis to guide future campaign strategy.

“We have long trusted the Pixability platform to execute video ad campaigns for PUMA across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and have seen significant performance gains from running our social video campaigns through a single technology platform.”

Renata Andersen
Senior Media Manager | Puma

The Pixability Partnership

Our video experts become an extension of your team

Ad Campaign Manager
manages daily budgets and pacing, along with weekly reporting

Account Manager
oversees campaign delivery, ensuring campaigns meet intended KPIs, and provides insights

Data Scientist
develops machine learning algorithms for multivariate testing, and suggests curated targeting

Pixability understands
the video landscape

Access our insights reports
and vertical studies

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Pixability understands
the video landscape

Access our insights reports
and vertical studies

Trusted by the world’s top brands and their media agencies

Trusted by the world’s top brands
and their media agencies

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