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Pixability's latest webinar covers the Consumer Electronics industry on YouTube and will live stream on July 16, 2014. Pixability just released a new 52-page study covering CE brands on YouTube, and this webinar will cover key findings and best practices from the data-based study.

Andreas Goeldi, Chief Technology Officer of Pixability, will be joined by Rob Ciampa, Chief Marketing Officer of Pixability, as they discuss the performance of the top 25 consumer electronics brands on YouTube.

Tune in at 12:30pm ET on July 16th to learn which 5 consumer electronics brands are outperforming all the rest on YouTube, where brands are falling short with their publishing calendars, and what types of content are the most popular within the CE space. What should your brand be doing differently on YouTube to attract more views, audience engagement, and conversions? Register to find out.

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Pixability Webinar 34

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PixTV 33

Consumer Electronics and YouTube

PixTV 33 Trailer

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