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Pixability Webinar 34

More and more advertisers are shifting ad dollars away from TV to YouTube. So what do brands and agencies need to know about advertising on YouTube? Pixability's latest webinar covers information brands, agencies, and media professionals need to know when it comes to executing powerful YouTube advertising campaigns.

YouTube advertising provides benefits that traditional advertising platforms such as print and television simply can’t. But given the fact that YouTube’s TrueView advertising formats and Google’s AdWords for Video platform are relatively new, it can often be difficult for advertisers to successfully plan, run, and report on their ad campaigns. Pixability shows you how to select the right videos to advertise with, which videos and users to target, what types of YouTube ads are available to you, how to schedule and optimize a campaign, and how to analyze your results for future insights.

Pixability is the leader in YouTube advertising technology. Our video marketing software helps brands and agencies get the best ROI on their ad dollar while targeting only highly qualified viewers and providing transparent, detailed reporting.

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Pixability Webinar 34 Highlights

YouTube Ads and Media

Pixability Webinar 34

YouTube Advertising Campaigns

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PixTV 33

Consumer Electronics and YouTube

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