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Driving Awareness of AI Solutions for a Tech Brand on YouTube







The Challenge

A technology brand needed to raise awareness of its artificial intelligence solutions among a specific audience on YouTube --

enterprise developers and business decision makers in B2B tech. When standard targeting solutions came up short, the brand’s media agency sought a technology partner that could isolate and target against the right video placements at scale.

The Strategy

The brand turned to Pixability's proven video advertising solution to help engage its specific audience on YouTube.

Pixability’s PlanAbility software identified more than 20K videos as the best-performing placements to reach this core audience, and the PerformAbility technology executed 10K+ optimizations throughout the campaign. This approach maximized the brand’s impact on its target audience, measured by a strong view-to-completion rate.

The Result

Backed by Pixability, the brand reached the right audience for its advertising.

Pixability’s sophisticated targeting technology and automated optimization engine enabled the brand to surpass view-to-completion rate benchmarks by 115%, and exceed view rate benchmarks by 67%, indicating that the campaign was reaching the exact right consumers for the technology brand within the vast YouTube ecosystem.

automated optimizations performed by PerformAbility

more views delivered than contracted

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