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Fueling Foot Traffic

Driving In-Store Visits for a QSR Brand through YouTube & Facebook Video




YouTube, Facebook



The Challenge

A QSR brand tapped its agency to use YouTube and Facebook video to increase product awareness of its iced coffee with an ultimate goal of driving in-store visits to its many New England locations.

The agency recognized it would need the help of specialized technology to tie back location tracking to cross-platform video ad campaigns, and thus sought out a technology partner with proven measurement capabilities.

The Strategy

The agency turned to Pixability to develop a unique cross-platform targeting strategy that would engage the precise audiences the QSR brand sought to activate across both YouTube and Facebook.

To ensure peak video performance, Pixability targeted against a combination of food, value shopper, fast food, travel, and baseball interests, geolimited the campaign to major cities in New England, and uncovered high-quality, brand-safe video placements on sports and food channels. In addition to Pixability’s sophisticated targeting and optimization technology, the agency was able to take advantage of Pixability’s partnership with a third party data provider to measure in-store visits resulting from a Facebook video view.

The Result

Pixability's expertise and technology enabled the QSR brand to reach only highly-relevant viewers, surpassing video completion rate benchmarks on YouTube by 35%.

Validated by Pixability’s third party data partnership, the QSR brand could attribute more than 73K in-store visits to the Facebook video ad campaign. The media agency and Pixability were able to successfully use cross-platform video advertising to engage the right consumers online, and drive them to shop at the QSR brand’s brick-and-mortar locations.

location visits attributed to the Facebook video campaign

of views on Facebook resulted in a store visit

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