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Boosting a National Video Game Launch on YouTube







The Challenge

A major gaming brand was gearing up to launch a new video game in the U.S. and needed to raise awareness for the release among young gamers.

YouTube is one of the top destinations for gaming news and gameplay entertainment, with 12.1M videos amassing 728B video views and counting. But for this brand to find its target gamers — 13-24 year olds who had shown interest in the brand’s other game releases — within that massive video space, it knew it needed the help of sophisticated technology.

The Strategy

To level up its YouTube advertising, the gaming brand partnered with Pixability.

To ensure ads reached the brand’s specific audience, Pixability’s technology scanned the YouTube ecosystem to uncover the best-performing targeting parameters, isolating keywords and interests related to the brand’s video games, and brand-safe placements on top gaming channels. During the campaign, Pixability’s software flagged that ad performance was comparable across age groups — since younger users frequently log into parents’ YouTube accounts — so Pixability’s campaign managers opened up targeting to include older age groups, in turn increasing the campaign’s reach among a relevant audience.

The Result

Thanks to Pixability's precise targeting and in- flight optimizations, the gaming brand's YouTube ad campaign reached and engaged young gamers in advance of the game release.

The campaign achieved a 124% higher view rate than Pixability’s gaming benchmark, and a 99% overall earned view rate, indicating that viewers consistently chose to watch more of the brand’s video content after viewing an ad. As a result, Pixability achieved an overall effective cost-per-view that was 23% lower than the campaign benchmark. Backed by sophisticated technology and video expertise, Pixability powered up this gaming brand’s YouTube campaign to bring its video advertising to the next level.

higher view rate on YouTube than benchmark

overall earned view rate

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