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Turning Heads

Increasing Luxury Good Consideration among Affluent Millennials




Facebook, Instagram



The Challenge

Millennials are spending more on experiences than extravagances, which poses a mounting problem for brands selling luxury goods.

With this consumer behavior challenge in mind, a luxury good trade association sought to increase product awareness and consideration among young high-earners in the U.S., hoping to influence these millennials to purchase luxury goods in the future. The association tasked its media agency to connect with these affluent millennials through some of the platforms they turn to most: Facebook and Instagram. But isolating the right consumers across platforms, and understanding the nuances of each to maximize results, remains a challenge for even the most sophisticated digital marketers.

The Strategy

The association's media agency turned to Pixability to reach and engage millennials with a household annual income of $75K+ through social video advertising.

Pixability’s expert campaign managers segmented the campaign into 96 sub-campaigns — broken out by platform, device, and video asset — targeted at high-earning millennial audiences.

Pixability’s tech adjusted budgets in-flight, shifting spend toward the targeting parameters that achieved the highest view and view-to-completion rates — mobile devices, shorter video assets, and households with a yearly income of $500K+ — and moved the lion’s share of the budget toward Facebook.

The Result

The powerful combination of Pixability's cross-platform advertising technology and team of video experts maximized the association's media spend.

Pixability’s sophisticated approach outperformed view rate benchmarks on both Facebook and Instagram, and resulted in a measurable lift in ad recall amongst the exact millennial audience the luxury good trade association needed to connect with.

higher view rate than industry benchmarks on Facebook

increase in ad recall across HHI segments, measured by Nielsen Brand Lift study

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