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Beauty on YouTube 2015

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total beauty video
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increase in beauty
views on YouTube


beauty brands
analyzed in study

2016 Pixability Beauty Study Booklet Cover

Beauty as you know it is changing.

Pixability’s new study analyzes the YouTube practices of 215 beauty brands and 182,621 independent YouTube beauty creators who create YouTube videos focused on makeup, skincare, hair, nails, and perfume.

YouTube remains the world’s leading online beauty video consumption platform. As beauty brands and content creators continue to flock to YouTube, evolving video categories, audiences, and consumption habits are rapidly redefining YouTube’s beauty ecosystem.

Pixability’s 2015 Beauty Study will empower beauty marketers to:


a data-driven approach to
advertising on YouTube


and partner with high-influence
beauty creators on YouTube


audiences by targeting emerging
high-growth beauty segments on YouTube

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