Today we made a major announcement around programmatic technology, Pixability, and YouTube. Before I discuss why we changed the YouTube media buying equation, I’d like to share some recent industry news that highlights some of our motivations here at Pixability.

  1. It’s “TV Land” time for TV. When the CEO of Omnicom Media Group advises the world’s largest brands to move 10% to 25% of their TV dollars to online video, you know a tipping point has occurred in the industry. TV advertising is the comfort food of stressed-out marketers. It’s time for a digital diet.
  2. Bad data is actually worse than no data. According to, much of Nielsen’s broadcast television data has been wrong for months. Is it just Nielsen? What about the others? And has the error really just occurred in the past few months? It’s time to walk away from sampling and CPM and discuss real data. Really.

So why hasn’t the big shift to digital video accelerated even faster, given these recurring challenges? Because it has been impeded by a lack of technology that can make digital video automated, effective, and transparent. In other words, the promise is there (and is very, very real), but the means to the end needs work.

What are the repercussions? Most brands aren’t reaping the real business benefits of what online video has to offer. And what happens? It’s back to Nielsen and television comfort food. Can somebody pass the Pringles, please?

Why does all this matter? Two words: opportunity cost. The biggest business opportunity for brands rests in YouTube TrueView ads. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s a Jefferies Equity Research report that makes the case for TrueView leading the charge in online video advertising.

Today we solved the YouTube side of the equation with Pixability v3. For those of you who don’t know us, this is nothing new. Pixability v3 advances our extensive track record of YouTube technological innovation by delivering extensive, professional-grade YouTube TrueView advertising software tools to reduce the complexities that accompany the growing YouTube media spend by brand marketers.

Here’s a recap of our technological innovation when it comes to online video and YouTube over the past four years:

v1: (2010) Pixability v1 used big data technology for YouTube channel management, optimization and SEO. Pixability’s Grader tool analyzed and scored a brand’s online video presence.

v2: (2012) Pixability v2 included the addition of Radar, which scans and analyzes an entire industry on YouTube, synthesizing data based on views, social shares, engagement, and subscribers.

v3: (2014) Pixability v3 includes expanded computing power for YouTube ad targeting, robust analytics and improved usability. v3 introduces big data programmatic advertising software for agencies and brands to identify, purchase, and track advertising on YouTube. Pixability’s platform can quickly generate a precise, comprehensive look at a brand’s marketplace on YouTube.

Pixability v3. There’s no better way to manage YouTube TrueView advertising, and we have the data to back that claim up.

We’d love to give you a demo. And if you want proven YouTube ad performance, well… you know who to call.