What is the Inclusive Media Initiative?

In recent years, brands have increasingly recognized the importance of supporting diverse, inclusive, and equitable marketing practices to show commitment to advocacy and to reach audiences across all communities.
With the Inclusive Media Initiative, Pixability is on a mission to help connect brands with diverse creators and drive measurable and sustainable equity through media opportunities.

What’s different about the IMI?

Pixability’s network puts the creators at the center. While other DEI solutions assume the identity of a creator based on perceived appearances, Pixability asks each of our creators to self-identify which communities they belong to and which communities they support with their content. As a result, we build IMI Community Inclusion Lists, making it easier than ever for brands to make intentional media investments that support corporate values and DEI investment goals.  With your help, we can pave the way for inclusive media plans that embrace our diverse world. Join us as we shift the conversation from exclusion to inclusion. 


Why Invest the Inclusive Media Initiative?

Fund under-represented creators with intentional investments

Many diverse creators are less likely to receive ad investments due to perceived sensitivity around specific topics. Pixability’s IMI intentionally drives diverse creator equity by delivering ad impressions on self-identified creator communities across YouTube.

Leverage a measurable approach to show meaningful impact

IMI enables brands and agencies to make intentional media investments that support corporate values and DEI investment goals. Our measurable approach provides reporting on total impressions and ad spending across diverse channels, as well as revenue estimations for the creators themselves.

Keep brand safety and suitability top of mind

Brand safety and suitability are at the heart of everything we do. Pixability ensures all creators in the IMI program are brand safe so you never have to worry about your brand running against irrelevant or inappropriate content.

How it Works


Creators sign up for the Inclusive Media Initiative and let us know which diverse communities they are a part of. We work with some of the largest Creator Service Providers and directly with some of the most well-known diverse creators.


A brand or agency requests an IMI Community Inclusion List. If a creator’s YouTube channel meets the brand’s suitability criteria, we’ll add their channel to the campaign.


The brand or agency uses the IMI Community Inclusion List to target their ads, driving investments to under-funded creators and channels.


Pixability provides campaign reporting and creator revenue estimates to show the meaningful impact of a brand’s IMI investments. 

“The dual focus on connecting brands with diverse communities and empowering creators holds potential for transformative impact.”

Charisse Hughes SVP and Chief Growth Officer, Kellanova (formerly Kellogg Company)

Ready to invest in the Inclusive Media Initiative?

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