Why Organic YouTube Channel Management Strategies Matter

YouTube is the
No. 2 Search Engine Worldwide

40% of global shoppers have purchased products they discovered on YouTube*

*Source: Think with Google


Holistic video strategy on YouTube works better than paid alone

We’ve Powered YouTube Channels for:

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Pixability Drives 2.4X Subscriber Growth for PUMA

“Pixability’s technology and expertise are critical to PUMA’s approach to video across YouTube — through Pixability, PUMA is able to find the right audience and drive reach and engagement through an efficient, optimized strategy.” – Hermann Hassenstein, Head of Marketing Planning, Global Marketing

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Optimize Your Organic YouTube Presence with Pixability 

Channel Audit

We track your overall channel health, such as views and subscribers, compared to your competitors and uncover which videos do or do not perform well (and why). Then, our team provides a customized recommendation on strategies to drive YouTube channel growth and engagement, such as adding keywords, unlisting videos, and creating new videos.

Channel SEO

Boost views and watch time for organic traffic sources, increase engagements, and drive longer average view duration. We ensure viewers can easily find your channel when searching YouTube by optimizing SEO across videos, playlists, and your channel description, tags, and more.

Channel Content Management

Delegate channel management to YouTube-certified experts who apply all industry best practices for maximum discoverability and user experience. We execute Channel Optimization across channel settings, trailer rotations, and art recommendations, in addition to Playlist Optimization, such as identifying new playlists based on trends, seasonality, and new content.

Custom Reporting & Insights

Leverage quick, detailed analysis of what is happening with your channel, videos, and audience and uncover actionable insights on improving performance. We provide custom insights across content, trends, influencers, competitors, and more, to inform your content and strategy plans.

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Pixability’s video expertise can maximize the impact of your organic strategy on YouTube.