Contextual Segments and Targeting ensure your YouTube campaigns remain brand suitable while balancing ad performance

Avoid over-reliance on general content blocking and expand reach with adjacent topics relevant to your brand

Increase quality of inventory with Content Insights such as our advanced “Made for Kids” Model, engagement metrics, or channel ad performance


Easily deploy in your current Google Ads or DV360 workflows or through any full-service Pixability campaign

Suitability Technology That Looks Below The Surface

At Pixability we believe that brand suitability on YouTube is very different from how it works on social platforms like Facebook. One-size-fits-all solutions only look at surface-level data on YouTube, while we use the most granular data to build the clearest picture.


Take Advantage of the Pixability Difference

Performance Data at Scale

Advertisers want YouTube campaigns that are not only safe and suitable, but also drive real results. We track and share past ad performance data on our YouTube contextual segment inventory to give you deeper insights into what’s working for other advertisers.

Deeper Protection For Brands

Our brand suitability technology was patented before anyone else knew it was an issue (2012). Pixability is the only provider that has 10+ years of managing brand suitable YouTube campaigns for our agency and brand partners.

YouTube Brand Suitability/Contextual Insights Plus Content Insights Certification

Only company certified by Google for both YouTube Brand Suitability & Contextual Targeting + Content Insights for true data-driven suitability. We deliver more precise suitability for our clients by flagging “Made for Kids” content, classifying IAB categories, channel types, ad performance, etc.

Largest Database Of YouTube Videos

We have built the largest database of harvested videos in the industry (2B videos, 20M channels) giving us the deepest data to train our machine learning to be the best. As a result, our library of segments is vast & diverse (including IAB categories, Premium segments, & more)


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