PixabilityOne is a YouTube and CTV video advertising software platform that powers every campaign managed by Pixability and is also used by agencies and brands as a self-serve platform.

“Executing — and ultimately optimizing — our cross platform video ad campaigns with Pixability enables us to connect with consumers at every stage in their journey with Puma.”

Hermann Hassenstein Head of Marketing Planning, Global Marketing, Puma

How It Works

First, Pixability filters out inventory that is not suitable for your brand.

Then we build you a rich target audience that extends well beyond just standard content targeting.


From here, our PixabilityOne engine segments your target audience into hundreds of nano-audiences.

And optimizes 37,000 times every day – maximizing results and maintaining error free pacing.


Your results (typically 30-70% better than a standard campaign) are presented on the industry’s best cross-platform dashboard.

Data-driven audience discovery

Discover your most engaged audience in video.