Pixability brings 12+ years of experience in brand suitability on YouTube to the GroupM Premium Marketplace

Contextual Segments for CTV provide a custom-built, pre-bid targeting solution for GroupM campaigns, enabling advertisers to align their CTV ads with contextually relevant and brand safe inventory. As a result, advertisers can expect increased brand perception and campaign engagement.

Why Pixability?

Patented experts in contextual video targeting and brand suitability since 2012, Pixability ensures any media not bought publisher-direct is safe and suitable

Best-in-class suitability and contextual targeting according to IAB categorizations and GARM standards


Cookie-less advertising solution enabling advertisers to reach their most engaged audiences in a privacy durable way

How Pixability Powers Suitability for GroupM Advertisers

Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) Standards

When scoring CTV content, Pixability follows GARM’s Brand Safety and Suitability Frameworks for Brand Safety and Brand Suitability. To ensure CTV inventory is safe, we remove any content that does not meet GARM’s Brand Safety Floor falling into categories such as Arms & Ammunition or Death, Injury or Military Conflict. From there, we score “Brand Safe” content according to High, Medium, or Low suitability risk to empower advertisers with advanced suitability controls.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Categorization

Pixability categorizes CTV content according to IAB’s Tier I and Tier II content categories to ensure advertisers understand the exact context of the content their ads run against and can meet viewers in the right mindset.

Advanced Data + Tech

Pixability is an IRIS.TV data partner, providing access to metadata from IRIS.TV enabled CTV publishers. Pixability then leverages computer vision, natural language processing language, generative AI, and YouTube deterministic data to categorize CTV content according to Pixability’s proprietary taxonomy.

CTV Contextual Segments Available in the GroupM Premium Marketplace

Leverage Pixability’s Contextual Segments as contextual and brand-safe targeting parameters for your campaign to ensure you activate the most effective and suitable content for your brands.

Brand Safety: Includes all brand safe inventory

Use to: Ensure you protect your brand while driving maximum reach

Brand Suitability: All brand safe inventory categorized by IAB Tier 1

Use to: Keep your brand safe while still reaching viewers in the right mindset

Contextual: Includes inventory across all safety levels categorized by IAB Tier 1 or IAB Tier 2

Use to: Include content at the IAB Tier 1 level and exclude content at the IAB Tier 2 level to ensure all inventory is relevant while maintaining the highest level of reach

Language: Includes inventory across all safety levels categorized by video language

Use to: Target inventory in specific languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Chinese

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