For over a year now, Google+ has slowly been creeping into the workflow of YouTube users. Now that YouTube has announced a new comments platform that will utilize users’ Google+ accounts, it seems that it is here to stay. Although the integration process has caused a lot of aches and pains for users—our clients among them—we’re now convinced that successfully integrating Google + and YouTube together can make the lives of content creators much easier, while providing some powerful audience tools to boot. Here are a few reasons why:
Multiple Channel Managers
The ability to have more than one person manage a channel from multiple logins is a feature that has been long-anticipated. The benefits are clear: not having to share a personal e-mail login, better workflow across a team, and preventing the need to switch between accounts.
Customized Channel Name
While your URL will remain the same (unfortunately), your channel name as it appears on watch pages or in posts or engagement on YouTube will mirror what you chose for the Google+ page you use to link the channel with. While this essentially serves as a “vanity channel name,” it gives you the flexibility to change your channel name at any point, via Google+.
Decreasing Comment Spam
YouTube comments have long suffered from “forum syndrome,” where users’ profiles aren’t tied to any public identity and are therefore more apt to be crude, inane or outright vulgar. Introducing a public profile into the comments platform will go a long way to improving the quality of the dialogue, even if it means a slight decrease in activity.
Powerful Audience Management
A new suite of tools that allow creators to quickly sort through their most loyal viewers and subscribers, is another Google+ integration strategy. YouTube now allows you to create playlists and video content for specific Google+ circles. It also lets content creators create a circle for their top YouTube fans alone.
Special promotions, subscriber-only content, giveaways, etc. will reward your audience while operating as a carrot for future audiences. Remember that this is a two-way street: being able to survey or take feedback solely from your most loyal fans can be invaluable to your channel’s future.
Below are a few resources from YouTube for successfully navigating this process. If you have questions, feel free to ask below or reach us via our Contact page.

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