Ben & Jerry’s introduces its latest ice cream sandwich, Dove continues to tell women how beautiful they are, and Marvel furthers its brand domination — all in this week’s YouTube Brand Videos of the Week by Pixability.
1. Ben & Jerry’s: Introducing The BRRR-ito!

Why it works: Ben & Jerry’s spoofed Apple’s classic 1984 ad to introduce a new ice cream sandwich, the BRRR-ito. This video has received very positive viewer sentiment, with a 15:1 like:dislike ratio and mostly positive comments.
Areas for improvement: The video lacks interactive cards or annotations, which would have enabled interested consumers to learn more about the product launch.
Key takeaways: Although SEO is limited to a few lines of copy, a short title, and a few keywords, Pixability’s Search Ranking Finder puts the video at #2 for variations of the brand name.
2. Innovation Film | Gillette Rebuilt With Avengers-Inspired Technology

Why it works: Attention Marvel and Avengers fans: the time has come to introduce the latest innovation from Stark Technologies! Gillette comes out in full force in this ad, cross-promoting the Fusion ProGlide razor with the upcoming release of Avengers: The Age of Ultron. 
SEO is strong for this video, with 18 tags relevant to both Gillette and the Avengers film, a description strategically sprinkled with relevant links, and an informative title. A custom end-card leads to a shorter version of the ad, and a note annotation leads viewers to a Gillette landing page.
Areas for improvement: Gillette could have boosted performance by incorporating info cards along with the other annotations.
Key takeaways: This video proves that cross-promoting can be hugely successful, and that strategic link placement and annotations can bolster a video’s performance.
3. Hyundai: A Message to Space

Why is works: This video from Hyundai is aesthetically pleasing, carries a meaningful message, and the scale of the event was large enough to garner recognition from the Guinness World Records. Two 15-second end cards give viewers the option to create customized messages or watch a behind-the-scenes video, creating an opportunity to increase viewer session duration.
Key takeaways: End cards create opportunities for more engagement, particularly when they link to interactive elements and additional compelling content.
4. Dove Choose Beautiful | Women all over the world make a choice

Why it works: This video is the latest installment of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, encouraging women to “choose beautiful.” As with previous videos in the campaign, the content has a high production value and engages viewers on an emotional level.
Areas for improvement: Dove is missing a big opportunity to make an impact beyond the creative. SEO is supported by a strong title, but lacking a more robust description with a target link above the fold, and in need of additional tags to boost search rankings. A comment moderation strategy would also capitalize on positive viewer engagement, evident by the thoughtful conversations happening in the comments.
Key takeaways: Although this video has a high production value, it lacks strategic video planning to further connect the brand to its audience.
5. Gatorade | Groove Like Mike | G50

Why it works: Gatorade continues its “Like Mike” throwback, with a series of remixes of the original commercial. The remixes help extend the G50 (Gatorade’s 50th anniversary) message; this one applies a modern twist to the footage and soundtrack, highlighting that today’s viewers still want to be like Mike. This video features a well-designed end card – which was lacking in the first “l Like Mike” video –  encouraging viewers to subscribe to the channel or view additional remixes in the playlist.
Areas for improvement: Similar to the original video, Gatorade needs an SEO overhaul. The video has only three tags, a short description and a semi-descriptive title, which doesn’t help to drive organic traffic. Gatorade is also missing a key opportunity to engage with viewers by not employing a comment moderation strategy to respond to viewers’ positive sentiment.
Key takeaways: Like Dove, Gatorade could use a more solid video planning strategy, including improved SEO and comment moderation.