Much like we saw around Black Friday, the holidays are proving to be more popular than ever on YouTube. In fact, holiday views have increased over 65% year-over-year since 2011. That’s because consumers are increasingly turning to YouTube to research gifts and shape their holiday purchase decisions.
So amidst the 4.4M holiday-related videos, 551K channels, and 143B total views, which content categories are performing best, and which brands are seizing the holiday opportunity on YouTube? Check out our infographic on 2016 holiday momentum on YouTube:

Here are the key takeaways:

  • Views of toy content have grown dramatically this year, with an 88% increase in views from 2015-2016.
  • There’s nothing quite like the rush of opening a new gift or product, and unboxing video views prove it, growing by 14% from 2015-2016.
  • While Warner Bros. leads the top 10 brands in all-time views of holiday content, this year, Walmart’s holiday content is dominating, with more than 75M views in Q4 as of Dec. 2.
  • Smart brands should extend their reach by creating cross-over holiday content, including music, beauty, fashion, and food videos, that are proven to resonate most with specific demographics.

As consumers continue to turn to YouTube to learn about gift ideas, trends, and new products, how is your brand using YouTube to connect with prospective customers this holiday season and beyond?
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