At first glance, skippable ads may seem like a strange concept, especially to TV-loyal advertisers.
But TrueView ads, YouTube’s skippable ad format, are a win-win for both advertisers and audiences — viewers can skip ads that aren’t relevant to them, and advertisers only pay to reach audiences that stay tuned for 30 seconds (or the entire video, whichever comes first), indicating interest in the brand being promoted.
As a technology company, Pixability believes everything can and should be measured. So what kind of impact on brand lift does a TrueView video ad campaign have? To uncover the brand lift attributed to a targeted TrueView campaign we ran for an entertainment brand, Pixability partnered with Google to measure ad recall and purchase intent.
Here’s some background on the campaign: With a goal of increasing brand awareness, measured by high view rates, among a core audience of U.S. consumers aged 13-24, our targeting strategy included placements on entertainment channels, remarketing to the brand’s young fans, along with in-flight optimizations to boost performance. As a result, the campaign achieved an in-stream view rate of 26.17%, well above the industry average of 15%.
The Brand Lift study surveyed viewers in two groups: those who were exposed to the entertainment brand’s ad, and a control group, made up of an identical audience that wasn’t exposed to the ad. The brand lift study concluded that, thanks to Pixability’s targeting technology, the campaign achieved a product ad recall lift of 29.4%, a best-in-class result according to Google, and an above-average 10% lift in product purchase intent. Users who viewed the ad were 53% more likely to purchase than those in the control group. And here’s something else that most advertisers wouldn’t expect: even among viewers that skipped the ad, we achieved an ad recall rate of 19.5%. This proves the significant added value in a TrueView campaign that advertisers shouldn’t ignore — impressions from skipped ads drive brand awareness at no additional cost.
Advertisers focused on brand lift, are you ready to add TrueView ads to your media mix?
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