Codeblack Films Joins Pixability’s Inclusive Media Initiative, Part of its Plan to Change the Hollywood Studio Model and Distribute and Monetize AI-Generated Content on YouTube

The Diverse-Owned content company from famed Hollywood producer Jeff Clanagan is relaunching its YouTube Channel with a wave of new content for Black History Month

BOSTON, MASS – Pixability, a leading AI-powered YouTube advertising and content company and founder of the Inclusive Media Initiative, and Codeblack, a diverse-owned next generation AI content distribution and marketing company, announced a partnership to kick off Code Black’s YouTube channel relaunch in conjunction with Black History Month. 

Codeblack was founded by Jeff Clanagan, the award-winning producer who currently also serves as President & Chief Distribution Officer of HARTBEAT, a global, multi-platform media company. Codeblack is a different kind of film company with a groundbreaking collection of AI content by creators of color from all over the world. The model for Codeblack is a departure from the traditional Hollywood model of high production costs with theater and streaming service distribution, instead using AI and YouTube in tandem as the primary production and distribution methods. The company is re-launching its YouTube channel this month to celebrate Black History Month and will triple the AI-produced content available from diverse creators from all over the world including this video by Malik Afegbua, a talented Nigerian creator. 

As part of its relaunch, Codeblack has joined Pixability’s Inclusive Media Initiative to create more opportunities for big brands to support diverse creator communities on YouTube. The Inclusive Media Initiative (“IMI”), launched by Pixability in 4Q 2024, is a first-of-its-kind advertising solution that aims to ensure investment in diverse communities and creators, giving those creators a voice and choice about which communities they represent.

“Hollywood is experiencing a huge shift where every producer should have an AI content strategy and YouTube distribution strategy,” said Clanagan. “In the same way YouTube has made every creator a publisher, it can also make every publisher a movie studio. The relaunch of the Codeblack channel for Black History Month represents the beginning of what we expect will be huge growth on YouTube, and we knew that being a part of the Inclusive Media Initiative had to be a part of that to provide our creators with the monetization opportunities they deserve.”

By joining the IMI, Codeblack joins over 1,300 other diverse-owned YouTube channel properties. Pixability enables big brands to invest their ad dollars in the only network of self-identified diverse creator channels on YouTube. Pixability has also partnered with Codeblack to grow the YouTube channel into the company’s major distribution arm.

“Codeblack Films is fueled by diverse creators that are not in front of the camera, but behind the scenes creating incredible AI-powered films,” said Matt Duffy, CMO of Pixability. “We are thrilled that Codeblack has joined the Inclusive Media Initiative family, and even more thrilled to help them reinvent the way Hollywood film companies reach their audiences and monetize their content.on YouTube.”

About Pixability

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About Codeblack

At Codeblack Movies, we’re more than just a channel; we’re a revolution in the world of cinema and the passcode to the future of storytelling. Our mission is to amplify the voices of creators of color, showcasing a kaleidoscope of experiences, cultures, and visions that traditional media often overlooks. Innovation is at the heart of Codeblack Movies. We’re pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence in filmmaking, providing our creators with cutting-edge tools and technologies. This fusion of AI and human creativity opens new horizons, enabling our filmmakers to push boundaries and explore uncharted territories in storytelling. Codeblack Movies isn’t just about watching films; it’s about being part of a movement that redefines the future.


Alexandra Levy