Pixability + Providence

Boosting Awareness For Providence On YouTube And Amazon Fire TV

“By working with Pixability, we were able to reach this core audience within the platforms they are already in and make a meaningful impact and connections that drive awareness of our organization.”

Mary Renouf,

AVP, National Social and Influencer


Health Provider


Amazon Fire TV, YouTube



The Challenge

It’s more important than ever for health providers to connect with the right audience, providing guidance and resources that are critical to public health. Health provider Providence recently sought to promote its brand and share affirmational content — specifically around how health is a human right — among 24-64 year olds in the western U.S. interested in mental health and wellbeing. Providence turned to Pixability based on how we can drive targeted impact at scale across both YouTube TrueView in-stream and Amazon Fire TV.

The Strategy

Pixability built and executed a sophisticated, geotargeted campaign using insights from our video ad platform, PixabilityONE — leveraging our vast trove of historical viewing data on YouTube to find similar audiences and targeting opportunities on Amazon Fire TV. PixabilityONE also performed 3.6K automated optimizations in real-time through machine learning, driving increased view and click-through rates over the campaign flight as it heavied up budgets toward mobile audiences.

The Result

By working directly with Pixability, Providence was empowered to drive impact among its core audience at scale. The campaign delivered a 64% higher view rate than benchmarks on YouTube, and a 9% higher view-to-completion rate than benchmarks on Amazon Fire TV. Providence was exceptionally pleased with how Pixability drove targeted awareness at scale across YouTube and Amazon Fire TV, and continues to partner with Pixability for video advertising.


higher view rate than benchmarks on YouTube


higher view-to-completion rate than benchmarks on Amazon Fire TV

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