Engaging Gamers

How Pixability Optimized A Consumer Electronic Brand's YouTube Campaign







The Challenge

A leading consumer electronics brand wanted to connect with its core audience of hardcore gamers on YouTube, but engaging the right consumers across the vast gaming space on YouTube requires specialized optimization technology — so, the brand turned to Pixability.

The Strategy

Pixability uncovered the best mix of targeting to help the brand achieve its goals of driving viewership and YouTube subscribers among passionate gamers in brand-suitable environments. In-flight, Pixability automatically optimized the campaign to maximize impact at scale, including computer hardware interests, and mobile audiences.

The Result

Backed by Pixability, the brand was able to connect with its audience, and convert them into subscribers — driving brand and product awareness at scale. Pixability’s optimizations drove a 76% lower cost-per-subscriber than benchmarks, and a 33% higher view rate than benchmarks.

According to the brand’s digital team, Pixability demonstrated a skillful approach to campaign management and execution, and their results showed the power of their optimization technology.


lower cost-per-subscriber than benchmarks


higher view rate than benchmarks

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