Epson & Total Media Deliver Powerful Results with Minimized Impact on the Environment

“Our primary mission is to create products that offer superior print quality, long-term cost savings and a more environmentally conscious choice for our customers. We knew that partnering with both Total Media and Pixability would enable us to amplify our message and achieve our multiple campaign goals on YouTube while being true to our mission.”

Lucy Brackett

Consumer Marketing Manager, EMEA

“We believe in providing best-in-class media campaigns while also being environmentally responsible, and by measuring carbon impact across YouTube we can be assured we are now doing both for Epson.”

Pedro Martins

Chief Growth Officer


Sustainable Electronics



The Challenge

Total Media was tasked with increasing market share for Epson by raising awareness of its EcoTank, an eco-friendly and cost-efficient printer and drive signups for its “ReadyPrint” subscription service. Since printers and subscription services are both non-frequent and high-consideration purchases, they still need to reach three highly nuanced target audience personas across 17 differing global regions.

The Strategy

Cedara’s reporting has shown that Pixability’s emission intensity is 56% lower than the programmatic average, resulting in significant savings for campaigns running through Pixability. Total Media turned to Pixability to measure the impact of the campaign and to meticulously curate lists of YouTube channels ensuring that Epson’s message reached individuals demonstrating a high propensity for environmental stewardship and technological innovation. The ad creative itself was high-impact and short form using less energy to reach their audience. Pixability measured our carbon emissions through Cedara as well as implemented a Google Brand Lift Study to measure brand sentiment in the market.

The Result

The campaign saw exceptional performance across all markets boasting an 80% overall completion rate and average CTR of 0.28% across all regions. Furthermore, Brand Lift Studies conducted across all eligible markets revealed significant Ad Recall increases, notably in Kenya, the UK, and Poland, where lifts exceeded 5%, reflecting a meaningful enhancement in brand perception. Using the short duration, high impact creative, rather than long-form content, the campaign reduced their carbon impact by 4X!


impressions with a carbon footprint of just 166.1 CO2e tonnes: equivalent to the carbon sequestered by just 2,700 trees.


increase in traffic to their website from YouTube


overall completion rate


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