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Boosting Brand Awareness among the Right Travelers through YouTube







The Challenge

In the past, vacationers might have tapped their local travel agent to book their next trip. But today, travelers are increasingly finding inspiration — and researching and comparing travel options — on digital video powerhouses like YouTube.

However, with a whole world of locations for travelers to explore, a Caribbean island tourism board found it challenging to reach and engage the exact travelers that were most relevant to their brand through digital video. Armed with an inspiring set of creative, the tourism board looked to Pixability to drive its video strategy on YouTube.

The Strategy

The board’s marketing strategy looked to drive brand awareness among specific audience groups — and Pixability’s technology empowered the board through nano-audience targeting to isolate and engage the most relevant audience members. In-flight, Pixability optimized the campaign toward the audience groups and interests that were delivering the highest view-to-completion rate, efficiently driving awareness at scale.

The Result

Pixability’s technology and expertise helped the Caribbean island tourism board make an outsized impact on the right travelers through YouTube. Powered by Pixability, the campaign delivered a 47% higher view and view-to-completion rate than benchmarks — indicating the campaign was reaching a highly relevant audience — and the Caribbean island tourism board was thrilled with the results.


higher view rate than benchmarks on YouTube


higher view-to-completion rate than benchmarks on YouTube

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