KIND Partners With Pixability To Increase Unique Audience Reach Across YouTube and CTV

“Back-to-school is one of our most important times of the year, so we tapped into Pixability’s expertise to maximize our YouTube investment. Their recommendation to leverage CTV as part of the campaign helped to drive even more unique reach and household penetration.”

Jill DeLelle,

Director of Digital Marketing & Media


Food and Beverage


CTV, YouTube

The Challenge

KIND, a producer of healthy snacks, is a not-only-for-profit company committed to using its business as a vehicle for social change. Founded in 2004, KIND’s mission is to make the world a little kinder, one snack and act at a time.

Since 2017, KIND has partnered with Pixability to grow its investment on YouTube from a small seasonal campaign to an almost “always-on” account with over $1M in annual investment on the platform.

Back-to-school season is a critical opportunity for KIND to connect with families and drive consumers who have heard of KIND to buy KIND products. However, it’s also one of the busiest advertising times of the year, making it hard to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

KIND sought to differentiate itself by partnering with Pixability and leveraging YouTube to drive offline sales intent and increase household penetration of their 100-calorie mini bars.

The Strategy

The Pixability team leveraged their expertise in both behavioral and contextual targeting tactics to execute KIND’s campaign. The team included behavioral audiences with various interests (health & fitness, clean living, apps dedicated to wellness, etc.) combined with high-quality channels likely to relate to their offline shopping habits, like recipe videos, cooking playlists, kitchen organization videos, and more.

Committed to a test and learn agenda, this campaign also targeted a new audience tilted “Reformed Junk Foodies,” which opened up a new demographic of users 18-24 focused on college planning and users desiring a healthier life.

In addition to behavioral and contextual targeting tactics, based on previous success, the campaign also included CTV to reach consumers when they most engage with YouTube. The Pixability team leveraged optimization levers such as dayparting (a tool to specify the days and times you want to serve ads) to increase bids during primetime viewing, which led to higher overall completion rates and Purchase Intent lift higher than Google’s high benchmarks (by +6%).

The Result

The campaign delivered a 3% increase in unique reach quarter-over-quarter within the same time frame, indicating the updated targeting focus penetrated a unique audience of 22M users.

Additionally, strategically prioritizing TV screens continued to drive the highest level of household penetration, with over 50% of the campaign’s total unique viewership happening on CTV devices. On average, lift against TV screens was 10% higher than other devices, leading the team to use more comparable ad formats and creatives that mimic and complement linear TV activity.


Total Completion Rate


Total CTR

+2.3 PTS

Absolute Lift

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