Programmatic Teams See Efficiencies Switching To Pixability



The Challenge

With the endless number of YouTube videos and channels, finding the right inventory to deliver the most effective impressions for your brand is challenging. A global agency’s programmatic team previously leveraged another third-party YTMP-certified YouTube vendor to curate the most engaging inventory for their campaigns. Still, it felt campaign performance was lacking and the team ran into challenges with scale.

photo of YouTube home screen

The Strategy

Pixability worked with the programmatic team to define a content strategy to meet their scale, brand safety and performance needs. We leveraged our proprietary insights to uncover which content is most relevant to this brand’s audience and has historically delivered strong performance for similar brands. From those insights, we created 12 Contextual Segments to reach the brand’s unique personas. The programmatic team executed their YouTube buys as they have in the past via DV360, this time using Pixability’s Contextual Segments, and they saw better results by every measure.

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The Result

As a result, inventory was more cost efficient and delivered better performance to the target audience: parents with younger children.


increase in VCR


lower CPV


VCR for Programmatic In-Stream campaigns

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