Saucony + iProspect

Launching The Saucony Endorphin Collection Through Connected TV Advertising

“It’s not often that we launch three brand new shoes in a collection together, so we knew we had to think differently and reach new customers for this to be a success. We were able to do just that with Pixability’s audience and platform testing strategy, along with the proper studies to look beyond VCR. By utilizing additional metrics such as search lift and purchase intent, we were able to see a more full funnel success with this campaign.”

Grace Smith,

Digital Marketing Manager


Sports Apparel


Amazon Fire TV, Roku, YouTube for TV Screens



The Challenge

Saucony and its agency, iProspect, sought to launch the Endorphin Collection of three new running shoes with a Connected TV campaign, looking to reach health, fitness, and fashion-focused consumers through the largest screen in the house, TV.

To maximize awareness and impact among their target audience, iProspect and Saucony teamed up with Pixability’s video advertising solution for a highly targeted campaign across YouTube for TV Screens, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku.

The Strategy

Pixability built a customized targeting strategy for each platform, and applied audience insights across YouTube, Amazon, and Roku to maximize success.

In-flight, Pixability & iProspect optimized toward the creative and targeting groups that drove the highest video completion rate, seeing the most success with fitness enthusiasts, parents, and people that recently visited shoe store websites. As a measure of success, all teams wanted to see if they were able to detect any measurable impact on purchase intent driven and search demand by the Saucony Endorphin Collection campaign, so Pixability set up brand and search impact studies and tracked purchases of Saucony products on Amazon.

The Result

Pixability’s custom targeting and optimization approach not only drove awareness of Saucony’s new Endorphin Collection as measured by above average VCR on all platforms, but it also impacted purchase intent.

An independent study from LoopMe confirmed that the Saucony Endorphin Collection ads on Roku drove an 84% lift in purchase consideration among viewers that saw the ad. A Google Search Lift Study measured that during the month following the campaign, users who were exposed to Saucony’s YouTube ads on their TVs were 882% more likely to be searching for their keywords than users not exposed. Nearly half of users exposed to Saucony’s Amazon Fire CTV ads that added Saucony products to their Amazon shopping carts ended up purchasing Saucony products via Amazon within 14 days. In addition, 65% of the purchases attributed to the Amazon Fire CTV campaign were first time buyers of Saucony products on Amazon and 10% of the purchases were of products featured in the Saucony Endorphin Collection CTV ad.


lift in purchase consideration on Roku as measured by LoopMe


lift in purchase consideration on YouTube on TV Screens, as measured by Google Search Lift Study

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