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How Pixability Empowered A Regional Auto Dealer's Marketing Strategy







The Challenge

A dealer group had a problem — linear TV viewership continues to fall, but the group needed to raise awareness of its auto brand and seasonal promotions among nearby consumers. So, the group worked with its agency to develop compelling creative for the video platform audiences are flocking to: YouTube. But the complexity of YouTube advertising, and the vast scale of the platform’s audience, present a unique challenge to advertisers looking to drive impact within specific locations. So, the agency and dealer group turned to Pixability.

The Strategy

Pixability’s industry-leading audience discovery and insights technology uncovered the best blend of targeting parameters to engage the dealer group’s core audience of baby boomer and millennial auto-intenders in the group’s three market areas. Armed with these insights, Pixability built a large, complex campaign to reach and engage the consumers within these geos, optimized in-flight to best drive impact for the dealer group.

The Result

With Pixability at the wheel, the campaign surpassed the dealer group’s KPIs and made an outsized impact on nearby auto-intenders. The campaign delivered a 1.8X higher view rate and 2X higher click- through rate than industry benchmarks, indicating that Pixability was engaging the right audience. The agency and dealer group were thrilled with the results, and continue to partner with Pixability for additional awareness campaigns on YouTube.


higher view rate than industry benchmark on YouTube


higher click-through rate than industry benchmark on YouTube

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