Beauty creators are extending their influence beyond YouTube, and consumers are seeking out beauty content across social video platforms — and beauty marketers need to follow suit.
Pixability’s 2016 Beauty Study is jam-packed with video advertising insights that beauty advertisers need to know to achieve superior campaign performance. Here are some highlights:

  1. Go Cross-Platform: Consumers no longer solely turn to YouTube for their beauty needs, so beauty marketers need to meet beauty mavens across the platforms they now use to search for and share beauty videos. Each platform provides unique video advertising opportunities for beauty marketers, and it’s critical to understand how to balance the different platforms in your media mix.
  2. Understand when viewers watch: Beauty audiences are consuming video on each platform at different points throughout the day: activity on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter peaks around 9 p.m. ET, while on YouTube, viewer impressions reach their zenith at 3 p.m. and again at 10 p.m ET. Beauty marketers need to understand audience behavior to optimize campaigns accordingly.
  3. Tap mid-tier influencers: We know beauty audiences trust their favorite beauty creators. In an analysis of influencer vs. non-influencer beauty campaigns, Pixability’s data proved that influencer marketing boosts brand-owned video performance (by views, engagements, and subscribers), and that strategically placing paid media on influencer channels generates higher view rates than standard targeting. To avoid the high fees that the top creators demand, beauty brands should tap emerging and mid-tier influencers for powerful and more cost-effective partnerships.
  4. Experiment with Emergent Technologies: Social video platforms are investing heavily in new video technologies like livestreaming and augmented reality, all of which lend themselves well to the beauty space. Embrace the opportunity to get creative and immerse consumers in your brand, by sharing behind-the-scenes access live, or creating a playful Sponsored Snapchat Lens if budget allows.

Download a snapshot of the 2016 Beauty Study now to get more of Pixability’s insights on the beauty space across the social video ecosystem — and contact us today to meet and receive your copy of the full 2016 Beauty Study.