Did you know that YouTube campaigns can do more than simply drive awareness? The ad industry is waking up to the fact that YouTube is great at driving results throughout the funnel, not just at the top. But to make the most of the platform, you need to have a deep knowledge of YouTube’s many ad formats, targeting tactics, and measurement solutions — and how they can be combined to hit your business goals.

So, we’re launching our YouTube Media Planning Quick Guide to help marketers understand the full potential of YouTube. In this e-book, we break down:

  • How to measure YouTube campaigns based on your KPIs
  • Which YouTube ad formats you should use to drive results at each point in the funnel
  • Which targeting tactics work best throughout each part of the funnel on YouTube
  • Best practices and tips for setting up YouTube campaigns to drive results

Get your free copy of the YouTube Media Planning Quick Guide to help navigate your next YouTube campaign — and contact us if you’d like to learn more about driving actions through YouTube.