Lately in the ad industry, we have seen brands and agencies more focused on brand suitability and performance than simply brand safety.

Safety is table stakes, and expected on every campaign, but suitability is more nuanced and a key driver of performance. However, the biggest mistake we’re seeing made in the industry is many marketers are still only addressing brand safety and suitability at one point in the campaign process.

But from campaign kickoff to wrap up, you should be confident your ads are appearing against suitable content and supporting the right creators on YouTube.

So, we took a deep dive into brand suitability best practices on YouTube, and shared our insights in our latest e-book: Ensuring Brand Suitability on YouTube. In this download, we break down how marketers can use inclusion and exclusion lists, innovative technology, in-flight optimizations, and partnerships to verify that their YouTube campaigns are running where they want them to run.

Get your free copy of our e-book on brand suitability best practices here — and contact us if you’d like to learn more about how our approach to brand suitability can take your YouTube video strategy to the next level.