In our latest episode of the Ad Legends video series, we’re so excited to welcome the one and only Tony Weisman. Formerly the CMO of Dunkin’ and CEO of Digitas, the long time friend and adviser of Pixability hopped on a call with me to chat about his own career move from the agency side to the brand side of the media world, and also bigger picture thoughts on how YouTube fits into current media strategies.

Tony pointed out that sight, sound, and motion is still the best way to tell stories, making video the best way to reach and connect with people. But he anticipates that a lot of the arbitrary distinctions in how marketers think about their inventory and distribution channels will go away as brands and agencies think more broadly about where to get the best return on their investment. And mostly that will be by following audiences to where they’re viewing their favorite content — and YouTube is dominating in attracting audiences.

“If you don’t have YouTube as a central part of your media plan, that baffles me,” Tony said.

Check out the full discussion below for more strategies around YouTube and Connected TV, how marketers should think about brand suitability, and Tony’s favorite YouTube content: