Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Jack in the Box and their agency, Carat, on a groundbreaking YouTube campaign. Most marketers today still see YouTube as simply a channel for raising awareness — but the teams at Jack in the Box and Carat correctly saw that YouTube is a fantastic platform for not only awareness, but for driving actions further down the funnel as well.

So, we worked with them to reach their audience, and more importantly, drive that audience to Jack in the Box locations nationwide.

Our PixabilityONE platform allowed the team to build a campaign that consisted of more than 41K unique ad groups (roughly 20X more than the average YouTube campaign of this scale), targeting key geographic locations across the U.S. We also were able to perform more than 1.8K optimizations in-flight throughout the campaign to maximize efficiency and impact — that’s about 10X as many in-flight optimizations as the average YouTube campaign, as too many advertisers today opt for a “set it and forget it” approach.

We also helped Jack in the Box through expert YouTube channel management, supplying SEO best practices and updating keywords to tie into their marketing strategy and promote organic discoverability.

All in all, the campaign was a huge success, breaking benchmarks for cost-per-store visits by 30% and delivered a 22% higher rate of store visits than benchmarks.

Check out the success story here to read more about how we were able to help Jack in the Box and Carat drive in-store visits through YouTube.